Caliburn Lodge #785

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the world's oldest secular fraternity. 

It is open to all men of high moral character. 

Freemasonry promotes universal shared values 
that prepare good men to build a better world. 

Our Vision
A small and intimate lodge for men who value fellowship
and want to enjoy a traditional Masonic experience in a convivial atmosphere. 


Our Mission
To establish a modern Masonic Lodge for the 21st Century
that is focused on sharing the benefits of Freemasonry with young men 
who have a high level of competing demands on their personal time.

Our Motto
Pax Caritas et Concordia
(Peace Love and Harmony)


Please contact us at for information about how to become a Freemason. 

Address: 317 E 5 Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


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